Interior doors not only provide an optional division of two spaces, they add style to both areas and complement their existing trim and finish. Common functions include providing privacy and reducing noise between two rooms or floors, and separating living space from closet storage. Interior doors are available in many standard widths and heights as well as custom dimensions.

Made from the finest woods, Mobital door designs are architecturally inspired to bring elegance and artistry into your home, complementing your unique tastes.

Featuring an engineered wood core, Mobital Doors are beter suited to combat the changes in atmospheric conditions. The exterior surfaces are premium quality wood
With many standard designs and unlimited custom potential, you have a large collection to chose from. Numerous panel options and profiles compliment any architectural style.

Decorate your home with stylish and affordable Mobital Doors. Solid cores are available for sound control.
Popular and affordable to any budget, Mobital Doors provide a smooth, simple look in wood finishes.

Hinge doors make ideal passage doors as they open easily from either room, and can support the inward or outward swing of a standard or oversized door. Hinges can reside on either the left or right side of the door to accommodate the functionality of both rooms. Single hinge doors are most commonly used for bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens, however double hinge doors are becoming increasingly popular and add grandeur to a master bedroom or formal dining room.



If you like what we create here at Mobital factory or even if you or your team of designers or architects have different insights and needs we would love to help you!